Voorn, Henk
De Papiermolens in de Provincie Zuid - Holland,alsmede in Zeeland, Utrecht, Noord - Brabant, Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe.
Wormerveer, 1973. XIII,301 pp. B./w. ills. Hardcover. (De geschiedenis der Nederlandse papierindustrie - Deel 2) Limited edition of 750 numbered copies. This is number 558. In very good condition
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Samshuijzen, Jelle
Catalogue of a collection of 352 Dutch watermarks 17th - 19th on 391 blank paper sheets.
Wageningen, Rockingstone, 2021. Softcover, oblong, 142 pp. 29 x 20,5 cm. With a description of each sheet with 352 back-lit pictures of all the watermarks. ISBN: 9789071249006. Limited edition of 200 numbered copies. ISBN: 9789071249006 ¶ The theme of all the watermarks in this collection is the Netherlands. Nearly all this paper was actually made in the Netherlands. Some were made in other countries, using a Dutch watermark, because it was made for the Dutch market, or the watermark of a…
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Samshuijzen, Jelle
Catalogue of a collection of 225 old watermarks 15th - 19th Century
Wageningen, Rockingstone, 2018. Softcover, oblong, 99 pp. 29 x 20,5 cm. With a description of each sheet with back-lit pictures of all the watermarks and a CD-Rom with all the files of the pictures of the watermarks. A large part was made by Dutch papermills, but also by English, French, German and Portugese papermills. covering the period 15th - 19th century. Some names: Honig, Blauw, Pannekoek, Pieter van der Ley, van Gelder, Koning & Desjardin, Proost, Wendelin Richel, Vierevant, Gerrevink,…
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J, H, Bos
Das Papierbuch : Handbuch der Papierherstellung. 1, Auflage
Houten : ECA Pulp & Paper b.v., 1999. 1, Auflage Hardback, 24,5 17,5 cm. 608 pp. ISBN 9011060385 Condition: New
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Hills, Dr. Richard L.
Papermaking in Britain 1488 - 1988. A short history.
London, the Athlone Press. 1988. 249 pp. Hardback. 25 x 19 cm.
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