Wove paper

Very large sheets of early wove paper

Sheet size 73 x 49 cm. Relatively heavyweight cartridge paper probably made by John Dickinson on his recently invented cylinder mould machine, circa 1820. Several sheets available (28)
John Dickinson (29 March 1782 - 11 January 1869) . He demonstrated his resourceful nature by inventing a new kind of paper for cannon cartridges. This type of paper did not smoulder after the cannon had fired, which had been the cause of constant accidental explosions in the artillery. Until his time, paper was produced using rag and esparto, instead of the conventional wood pulp[3] Dickinson patented his invention, and it was taken up by the army. It was said to have been of great value in the battles against Napoleon, increasing the British firing rate while simultaneously reducing premature firing accidents.[4] In an age of technical innovation, attempts had already been made to build a machine capable of the continuous manufacture of paper to replace the handmade techniques then used, notably by the Frenchman Henry Fourdriner. Dickinson patented his own design in 1809. (Source: Wikipedia)

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