Welcome to our rare paper collection!

We have a stock of a few thousand sheets of antique & vintage blank paper from the 15th to the early 20th century, mostly with watermarks.

Very interesting material for paper historians, collectors, artists, education and book restoration.

We have some very large blank sheets for artists who want to work on antique high quality paper, the same papers as used by famous artists like Constable, Rossetti, Gainsborough, Turner, van Gogh and the other Impressionists, etc.

Some paper is sold per sheet and some as a collection.

For book restoration purposes we can, in many cases, match a sample for you. Also when a page of a book is missing we can make a print on matching paper.

We have more paper than shown on this website. If you are looking for something particular, then please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

Of course we are also interested in buying paper collections!


J, H, Bos
Das Papierbuch : Handbuch der Papierherstellung. 2, Auflage
Houten : ECA Pulp & Paper b.v., 2006. 2, Auflage Hardback, 24,5 17,5 cm. 608 pp. ISBN 9001402585 Condition: New
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Paper making mould
Mould with watermark Svensk - Dansk - Ryska Telefonaktiebolaget
Part of paper mould, without frame. Size ca. 40 x 37 cm. Ca. 1910
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Laid paper
Extremely thin laid blank paper. No watermark.
Size: ca. 40 x 26 cm. 18th Century, Condition: good. Thickness 0.04 milimeter. Code Chiu Please note that the pictures of the watermarks and structure of the paper do not represent the true colour of the paper as they were made with a lightsource behind the paper and manipulated to get a clear picture.¶ Several sheets available (28).
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Samshuijzen, Jelle
Composition of sheets of 18th century paper pieces with dampstains
Made of genuine 18th century laid paper. Size 73 x 53 cm.
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Frigge, Karli
Marbled paper sheet signed by Karli Frigge
Some slight wrinkles in the sheet Size marbled sheet: c. 69 x 49,5 cm.
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Heyenga, Laura
Art Made From Books: Altered, Sculpted, Carved, Transformed
Chronicle Books, San Francisco 2013. Size: 23 x 18 cm., 176pp, colour & b/w illusts, hardback with decorated boards (deconstructed spine and no dustwrapper as issued;) (exhibition catalogue) This bookkk profiles the artists who alter books crafting them into jewellery, furniture and other decorative objets.
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Empty half leather binding with marbled boards. With text in gold on the spine: Harris's Aurelian
19th century C. 37,5 x 27 cm., Thickness interior c. 25 mm. Marbled boards inside.
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Pro Patria
Sheet of laid paper. Watermark Pro Patria. Early 19th Century
Some foxing size: 33 x 21 cm. C. 100 grs. Thickness 0,4 mm. Several sheets available (117). Some sheets have vertical and/or horizotal folds.
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Jan Poortenaar in samenwerking met Dr. Dard Hunter
De Papierwereld door Jan Poortenaar in samenwerking met Dr. Dard Hunter van het Technoloisch Instituut, Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A. en C. Pels, Technicus der van Gelder Fabrieken. Tweede druk
In Den Toren, Naarden. 1951. 254 pp. Dit boek vertelt de geschiedenis van papier door de eeuwen heen tot de hedendaagse (1951) productie. Met talloze illustraties, achterin bevinden zich 29 papiermonsters waarbij vermeld wordt " Nummer 26 B is uitverkocht en komt derhalve niet meer in deze monster-collectie voor"evenals nog 3 in de tekst. Gebonden boek in geel linnen kaft met afbeelding van papiermolen. Twee kleine beschadigingen aan papiermonster nr. 10. Verder In mooie staat.
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Papierfabrik Zerkall bei Düren Renker & Söhne
Bütten-Kupferdruck & Werkdruckpapiere 1929
Paperback. Bütten-Kupferdruck und Werkdruckpapiere. On the front a label of Erhard Loeber Papier export Amsterdam. Date on this label: 8/3 29 with text:, bij Soort Oud Hollandsche Drukpapier en bij Qualiteit H.C.O. A catalogue with different samples of paper sheets (26). The paper is printed on one side (except 1). With a woodcut by Richard Schwarzkopf and one by Jsidor Kner after a design by Arch. Ludwig Kozma. Two steel-engravings, a Gummidruck, a Radiotinto-Tiefdruck (Rich. Wörsching), an…
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Samshuijzen, Jelle
Catalogue of a collection of 352 Dutch watermarks 17th - 19th on 391 blank paper sheets.
Wageningen, Rockingstone, 2021. Softcover, oblong, 142 pp. 29 x 20,5 cm. With a description of each sheet with 352 back-lit pictures of all the watermarks. ISBN: 9789071249006. Limited edition of 200 numbered copies. ISBN: 9789071249006 ¶ The theme of all the watermarks in this collection is the Netherlands. Nearly all this paper was actually made in the Netherlands. Some were made in other countries, using a Dutch watermark, because it was made for the Dutch market, or the watermark of a…
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Coat of Arms Berne
Large folded blank sheet of laid paper with watermark Coat of Arms of Berne on a crowned shield, with pendant secondary Coat of Arms below. 17th Century. Like paper used by Rembrandt.
Unfolded sheet size: 500 x 710 mm. Ca. 160 grs. Some sewing holes and small stains in the middle of the sheet. Several sheets available (28) Ash & Fletcher record two variants of this mark in Rembrandt’s print of Christ Presented to the People, in use in 1655, as well as other Arms of Berne mark, without the pendant shield, in use in the 1630s. Lindt records an account book of 1640-1649 that one Dutch Merchant was provided with "a sample of every kind of paper in order to inquire down there…
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Dutch watermarks
A collection of 391 blank paper sheets with 352 Dutch watermarks 17th - 19th Century.
Boxed in two handmade Museum Portfolio Boxes, size 45 x 32 x 8 cm. , covered in black library Buckram cloth with white acid-free paper lining. The paper sheets are inserted in Archival Polyester Pockets 430mm x 307mm. Included is a printed catalogue of 142 pages with a description of each sheet with 352 back-lit pictures of all the watermarks and a DVD with all the files of the pictures of the watermarks. Most sheets are quite large and uncut, the average size is about 25 x 40 cm. Only a a…
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Wendelin Riehel
Set of two large sheets of laid paper of which one sheet with watermark Shield with a fleur-de-lis, surmounted by a crown, above the numeral 4 and the letters WR (for Wendelin Riehel). 17th Century
Sheet size 45 x 30 cm. ca. 120 grs. Early 17th Century. Like Heawood nr. 1721. Some sheets have waterstains along the top edge. Paper used by Rembrandt and other artists from the 17th Century. Several sets available (30). Some dampstains in theouter margin. c. 1600-1625
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Blue Laid paper
Very large sheets of blue laid paper. No watermarks
Sheet size 63 x 43 cm. Some slight folds and some foxing. 18th Century. Several sheets available (70).
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Blauw, D & C
Very large blank laid paper sheets with watermark "D. & C. Blauw IV"
18th century. ca. 72 x 48 cm., watermark "D. & C. Blauw IV" (variant of Churchill 194), Some waterstains in inner and in lower margin. Ca. 180 grs. Mid 18th Century. Several sheets available (31) ¶ The name de Blauw derives from an important family of Dutch papermakers who began making paper in 1621. The papermakers founded by Dirk and Cornelis Blauw operated five wind-powered papermills in the Zaanstreek province of North Holland, and survived for over 250 years under many names. D & C…
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Laid paper
Collection of 50 sheets of blank laid paper with "Neder(l)" on one sheet and "(l)anden"on the counter sheet and some extra watermarks
Sheet size: ca. 30,5 x 21 cm. Slight vertical fold in the middle of the sheets. Some of these folds have some dirt on them, but that can be erased easily. Some sheets have a handwritten page number. Several sets available (5) .
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Laid paper
Collection of 50 sheets of blank laid paper with "Neder" on one sheet and "landen"on the counter sheet. With different watermarks of years around 1850.
Sheet size: ca. 31 x 20 cm. Slight vertical fold in the middle of the sheets. Some of these folds have some dirt on them, but that can be erased easily. Several sets available (7) .
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Voorn, Henk
De Papiermolens in de Provincie Zuid - Holland,alsmede in Zeeland, Utrecht, Noord - Brabant, Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe.
Wormerveer, 1973. XIII,301 pp. B./w. ills. Hardcover. (De geschiedenis der Nederlandse papierindustrie - Deel 2) Limited edition of 750 numbered copies. This is number 558. In very good condition
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